Mia is a dark Golden and is the most happy, loving dog you will ever meet.  Mia is a fantastic dog and has all her health clearances with a rating of "Excellent" on her hips specifically. Her registered name is Matthew's Miss Mia and she is the daughter of Miley and Traveller. Mia is gentle, energetic, playful, and intelligent.  We are looking forward to breeding her soon! 

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Lacey is a daughter to Lucy and is a medium Golden with a very kind, quiet female. She is always wanting to please me and is always by my side when I am outside. We will breed her for her first time at the end of 2012. She is going to be a very kind and gentle mother as she is a helper to Lucy when the pups are outside with free time.


Litters Lacey:

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Lucy is a dark Golden.  She has had 4 litters of puppies.  Lucy has a wonderful disposition and is a wonderful companion.

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Miley is a dark Golden and is a very athletic dog and absolutely loves to retrieve. She will also be bred at the end of 2012. Miley is a fantastic dog and has all her health clearances and will have some beautiful pups coming soon. Miley whose registered name is CRUZIN' MILES OF HIGHWAY is an amazing dog. She is focused, intense, willing and intelligent. Her dad excels at field work, earning UKC titles in both Hunting and Retrieving. Miley loves to play all the games, often setting her own rules, which of course, work to her advantage. You cannot imagine that one dog is capable of giving such joy.

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Pedigree: http://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=326300


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